Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems (CMS)

There are plenty of options when it comes to picking a content management system for a project. Depending on how advanced you need the CMS to be, what language it's built in, and who is going to be using it, it can be a nightmare trying to find the "perfect" CMS for a project.

However, some CMSs have a slight edge over the rest of the competition because of the usability of the software. Some are just easier to install, use and extend, thanks to some thoughtful planning by the lead developers. 


11 years experience

At Sitecut we have developed our own CMS over the last 11 years to maximise ease of use, functionality and customisation. It is a great solution for websites of all sizes, with a large portion of our portfolio utilising Sitecut CMS. However, some of our clients prefer to use third part CMS solutions, we have no problem working with these as code is code and we can easily develop any solution.


Key features for CMS:

High Performance and scalability - Our CMS solutions run in a cloud environment and are can be optimised for any deployment.

Extensibility and integration - Our CMS easily integrates with other technology and platforms, as different CRM systems, ERPs, Social Networks, Mobile Applications etc. 

Stability of the system - Stability is a feature which is has been achieved through 11 years of development and excellent working practices.

Easy-to-use for content editors and site administrators - Easy to use interfaces and functionality for editors and administrators

Security management - Fully customizable content permissions, module permissions and user roles. 

Approval process - Adminsitrator approval process for content editors to ensure your content can be manged correctly.

Multilingual support - Full multi site multi language support.

Support for mobile devices - Responsive interfaces for multi device support.

Highly responsive support - With a maintenance contract you ca be guaranteed a fast response for all support activities.

Reliable bug fixing policy - Bug fixing is included in our maintenance contracts and is applied regularly.

Easily upgradable and clear upgrade path - New features and technologies need early adoption, giving you the advantage over your competitors and not the other way round.  We plan to make upgrades smooth and seamless.


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Why Choose Us?

Sitecut offers great service in the design, development, programming and marketing of your website. We strive to offer you the best solution for your business and provide impartial advice at honest prices. Here at Sitecut we constantly investigate new technologies and recommend them when they will be advantageous to your business. We love what we do bringing enthusiasm and commitment to every project we work on. To put it simply, if you want a web design and development partner who cares about your business Sitecut is your choice.

Our Services

Our approach to web design and development combines a clear understanding of our clients and their audiences, with our knowledge of the most engaging and efficient design, database and programming solutions. With a combination of technological expertise and design excellence we deliver a high quality product every time.
We ensure your business adopts a perfect approach to marketing and engaging customers across a wide range of internet based media. Sitecut develops tactical strategies and delivers web-based applications for increasing competitive advantage, improving customer/employee communication increasing market efficiency.
Sitecut offers a full-cycle application development process to maximise benefit for your project. Our development life-cycle includes information assessment, development of specification, product design and development, quality assurance testing, user accessibility testing, deployment and further maintenance.
Choice of web host has a huge influence website performance. Load speeds, uptime, security and support directly impact on by how your web host performs. Our hosting is load balanced, customers’ sites are never reliant on a single server and not slowed by traffic spikes. We offer shared hosting, VPS Server, Hybrid Server and Dedicated Server options.
The future is now, let us put it to work for you. We can provide Business Process Automation that will help you maximise your efficiency and opportunity. How your business does business today determines how it will perform tomorrow. With our expertise and knowledge we can help you gain competitive advantage through efficiency of data and information.
Our social media program begins by profiling your business. We then create a campaign to suit your needs and target audiences. Then we start tweeting and posting engaging content on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. This boosts your brand, increases conversion rates, exposes your business to new markets and drives more website traffic.
We build a website maintenance plan into many of the websites we sell but we also maintain many other websites that we did not create. Could your website use a quick update or security check? Do you need something fixed or new information added? We can provide a simple maintenance plan to match your requirements.
Now more than ever, cloud solutions and services are enabling the enterprise by accelerating innovation, delivering business agility and reducing costs. Meeting your corporate business goals while supporting both a mobile workforce and increasingly demanding customers - that's what Modern Workplace is about.


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